Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Happiness, a state of mind, a desired state in which people want to spend their life. A general belief is that a state of consistent happiness is a difficult thing to achieve. People think it is a tough task. One is required to put in a lot of hard work. One must earn and posses a lot. But, unfortunately, such is a wrong faith. A misleading concept.Happiness is probably one of the easiest thing to achieve. One has to just learn the art of being happy. Just feel blessed and have a positive outlook.

When you look at a rose, let the look enter your brain. It will surely bring a smile on your face. It will shine your eyes too. Similarly when you look at a tree, at the sea, at an animal, at desert, at a mountain, at freely flowing river, at sunshine or at clouds. Look at it the way a mother looks at her baby. Open the windows of your brain to the nature. It will bring in a lot of happiness.

Cherish and enjoy what you have. If you have a bike, do go for a ride in the rain. Do not let the desire of buying a Mercedes spoil the enjoyment you can have from a bike ride available to you.

By all means, work hard and try to grow. But remain detached from it. Keep working hard, because working hard is a nice thing, not because it should bear nice results. Be good, because its good to be good, not because it should get you something good.

Last but not the least, it may sound a bit too much, try to achieve karma shuddy (purity in deeds) and then purity in thoughts. Its a source of eternal bliss and happiness.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

पहचान कौन

Identify who is this innocent looking fellow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

अर्ज़ किया है-३ My first poem, written way back in 2002

Full of life and filled with romance
Just one dip and my heart begins to dance
Thrilling than speed and clam than moon light
Music is less pleasant and sun is less bright
As simple as her, pious and divine
Warmer than sweet dream and toxic than cyanide
Ocean of love and unique in creation
Gives meaning to life and limits the imagination
Refreshing than a cool breeze, beautiful than rising sun
Encouraging than a hope, mightier than a gun
Deeper than pacific and wider than skies
Guess what is that…it's her eyes

आओ हसें-4

My dear bengali friends should not take and offence to it and are requested to pardon me.
During Indo-pak war, three army jawans(One Bengali, One Sardarji and one Jat) were sitting at a border post. Suddnly the Bengali jawan saw thirty pakistani military personal coming towards the post.
Bengali- Oh, dekho, 30 pakistani jawano ne apne upar hamla kia hai.
Sardarji- oye phiker na kar. salle pandrah nu ta main nai shadna(I will kill atleast 15)
Jat-koi baat ni jaaro, chaudah ko to main mar dooga.(I will kill 14)
Bengali- yeh jo saala iek bach gaya hai na, lagta hai muze maar kar hi dam lega.