Sunday, December 21, 2008

साला मैं तो बाप बन गया

Friends, I have been away form this space for quiet a long time. The reason for that is ofcourse very sweet and handsome. I have been blessed with a son. Thanks for the good wishes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Happiness, a state of mind, a desired state in which people want to spend their life. A general belief is that a state of consistent happiness is a difficult thing to achieve. People think it is a tough task. One is required to put in a lot of hard work. One must earn and posses a lot. But, unfortunately, such is a wrong faith. A misleading concept.Happiness is probably one of the easiest thing to achieve. One has to just learn the art of being happy. Just feel blessed and have a positive outlook.

When you look at a rose, let the look enter your brain. It will surely bring a smile on your face. It will shine your eyes too. Similarly when you look at a tree, at the sea, at an animal, at desert, at a mountain, at freely flowing river, at sunshine or at clouds. Look at it the way a mother looks at her baby. Open the windows of your brain to the nature. It will bring in a lot of happiness.

Cherish and enjoy what you have. If you have a bike, do go for a ride in the rain. Do not let the desire of buying a Mercedes spoil the enjoyment you can have from a bike ride available to you.

By all means, work hard and try to grow. But remain detached from it. Keep working hard, because working hard is a nice thing, not because it should bear nice results. Be good, because its good to be good, not because it should get you something good.

Last but not the least, it may sound a bit too much, try to achieve karma shuddy (purity in deeds) and then purity in thoughts. Its a source of eternal bliss and happiness.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

पहचान कौन

Identify who is this innocent looking fellow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

अर्ज़ किया है-३ My first poem, written way back in 2002

Full of life and filled with romance
Just one dip and my heart begins to dance
Thrilling than speed and clam than moon light
Music is less pleasant and sun is less bright
As simple as her, pious and divine
Warmer than sweet dream and toxic than cyanide
Ocean of love and unique in creation
Gives meaning to life and limits the imagination
Refreshing than a cool breeze, beautiful than rising sun
Encouraging than a hope, mightier than a gun
Deeper than pacific and wider than skies
Guess what is that…it's her eyes

आओ हसें-4

My dear bengali friends should not take and offence to it and are requested to pardon me.
During Indo-pak war, three army jawans(One Bengali, One Sardarji and one Jat) were sitting at a border post. Suddnly the Bengali jawan saw thirty pakistani military personal coming towards the post.
Bengali- Oh, dekho, 30 pakistani jawano ne apne upar hamla kia hai.
Sardarji- oye phiker na kar. salle pandrah nu ta main nai shadna(I will kill atleast 15)
Jat-koi baat ni jaaro, chaudah ko to main mar dooga.(I will kill 14)
Bengali- yeh jo saala iek bach gaya hai na, lagta hai muze maar kar hi dam lega.

Friday, October 31, 2008

आओ हसें-3

मरीज़ डॉक्टर से - साब मैं फ को फ बोलता हूँ
डॉक्टर- बो तो नोर्मल है। हर कोई ऐसे ही बोलता है।
मरीज़- नही साब आप फमज़ नही रहे हो।

Thursday, October 30, 2008

बातों बातों मैं- A crying need of todays India

Education system is the backbone of any society. It is in fact the foundation.The foundation that helps in breeding a good political, administrative and social system.It helps in producing a good set of informed and educated citizens (the best wealth of any nation). It has a cure for almost every problem like poverty, corruption, unemployment etc. Its impact is strategic and has a multiplying effect. To a country like India, where the habitats are culturally,religiously and linguistically different, it becomes a challenge to maintain peace and harmony in the country. The regional clashes for their respective vested interests are not new to this country, but sadly no strategic steps have been taken to address this problem.
Reforming the education system is one such step that should have been taken a long back. None the less, its still not late, but any further delay can put the country at the risk of division. Education system has two primary responsibilities, one is to impart knowledge and the other is to impart values. Our system lacks in imparting values. For example, accepting a substandard service may be a part of life for a citizen who got his education from a village primary school and the same may be just unacceptable for a student of a military school. Therefore, the most effective step would be to bring in uniformity in the reading content. The syllabus, the text books, the mode of conduct of examinations, the method of awarding the grades and the medium of instructions, should be same all over the country.The syllabus should aim at imparting knowledge and values which are the requirement of modern India. This will ensure that Mr. A from one region will have the same values and knowledge as Mr. B from another region. This set of common values can serve as a great adhesive to bind the whole nation together.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

बातों बातों मैं-One interest is bigger than all

Vedas say that the interest of a family is bigger than the interest of an individual, the interest of a village is bigger than the interest of a family, the interest of a state is bigger than the interest of a village and the interest of a country is bigger than the interest of a state. Our political leaders seem of be forgetting this important lesson. Very often they can be seen keeping the local interests (the interest of a particular areas) before the National interest. We should not forget that before Britishers, India was divided into more than 300 states. That was a weak India, which helped Britishers establish their rule easily. The strength is in remaining integrated.
India is already battling with a large number of problems like terrorism, population explosion, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, poverty etc. Our political leaders who are supposed to manage these problems are busy managing their vote banks. The country is being divided on the biases of caste, religion, language etc for creating vote banks. Selling violence for votes has become new trend. It is high time for the educated middle class of the country to stand up and head the country for a brighter future. Only this social class has the potential to revive the country by joining politics.

Friday, October 17, 2008

बातो बातो मैं - One good way to meditation

Meditation is the game of power of concentration. Greater is the power of concentration, deeper can be the meditation. It helps in relaxing both the brain and the body. There are a number of ways to meditate, but the one which I have found effective is as follows.

Step-I Do around five to ten minutes of stretching, when stretching stretch your muscles as strongly as possible.
Step-II Lie on a couch/bed and raise your hands above your head. Join both your hands and try to pull the upper part of your body(shoulders and above) ,up, simultaneously pulling the lower part of body, down. Try to stretch the whole length of back bone as much as possible

Step-III Keep lying with your both hands and legs in the most comfortable position(what ever position is most comfortable for you). Now try to feel the effect of gravity on your body. Initially one may start by feeling the effect of gravity on different body parts like legs, arms, fingers, hair etc. graduating onto feeling the effect of gravity on the whole body. Just try to feel how much the gravity is pulling your flesh. Take long and deep breath.

When getting up, get up slowly. Initially sit for a minute or two, then stand up and resume normal.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

अर्ज़ किया है -2

अश्क हूँ मैं मेरी औकात ही क्या है
पर उसकी आँख से निकलता तो मज़ा आ जाता

हजरों चाँद से हैं रोशन, नशीले हैं हर मदिरा से
तू ही बता तेरी आंखों मैं, बाला है की क़यामत है

मेरी लड़खड़ाहट पे हंस मत, मुजे शराबी न समज़
उसकी नशीले चल का यह सब असर है

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

आओ हसें -2

In an army camp a Subedar is teaching map reading to jawans.
Subedar- jawan log, samne phadi(mountain) hai, phadi pe north hai. sab dhyan laga kar suno. phadi per north hai.
One jawan- Sir, agar main Chalte chalte phadi per chala jaon to north kaha hoga.
Subedar(after thinking for a while)- zara ruko, main bade saab se pooch kar aata hoon.
after some time subedar returns and
subedar- bade saab ka aadesh hai ke pahedi per koi nehi jaayega.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

बातों बातों मैं- One good thing about the global financial turmoil

The global financial turmoil has come with a lot of bad news. Many of the big banks are going bankrupt. The consumption is reducing,which in turn reduces the production and hence the growth. Economies all over the world will grow slowly than before. A lot of job cuts, unemployment etc. But there is one good news also. The global warming is likely to slow down. Since people are left with less money to spent, they are likely to burn less of fossil fules. Burning less of fossil fules means slow down in global warming.

Is wlobal warming directly proportional to global economic growth, well i think so, unless we depend only on clean sources of energy like nuclear energy, solar energy, wind energy, etc.

Friday, October 10, 2008

आओ हसें - 1

In an Army mess, waiter to Commanding Officer-sir breakfast main kya lenge.
Commanding officer slapped him tightly and said-kitni baar kaha hai ke subah subah decision mat poocha karo.

अर्ज़ किया है-1

अदा नही मजबूरी है चाँद की जो चला है बदलो मैं छुपते छुपाते ,
सामने जो खड़े हो आप माथे पे बिंदिया सज़ा के .

मत पूछ kyun शर्म से पीला है यह उगता हुआ सूरज,
माथे पे बिंदिया सज़ा के उसने पलके उठाई होंगी .

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

बातों बातों में-One thing that can make a difference to India

In my debut post, I wish to bring and analyze the main root of various problems India is facing and if possible offer a solution to these problems.

It is a well established fact that more than 90% of the state of affairs of a particular setup (let it be a country, a state, a factory, an establishment or even a family) depends upon its head. If the head of a family is good the family prospers. The most effective way of reviving an ailing company is to change its head. I think the one who sits on the top, matters. In India, somehow, we have been ignoring this basic fact and that is the root of all the problems this nation is facing today.

Let us take an example of terrorism. It is one of the big problems India is facing today. Not going into the details of why there is terrorism in India (which is of course the result of a series of political mistakes our leaders have committed), the fact remains that the political will to fight the terrorism has been missing. As it has come out in various media reports that it was the political will that made the difference and the investigations of Ahmedabad blasts could make a headway. It is because of the political will that a few of the terrorists have been caught in the last few days. Still there are incidences ofpoliticians trying to play the dirty politics in the famous Delhi encounter.

So, almost everybody will agree to the fact that it is because of the lack of political will that we have not dealt with the various problems in a befitting manner. Every problem will have its roots in either the bad politics or the lack of a strong political will. It is politicians who head India and more than 90% of things depend upon them. Since we have elected inefficient and immoral politicians and given them power, they have let the problems grow and made their own lives comfortable, bothering least about the nation.

I think we must replace bad politicians with good politicians. But, where are the good politicians. Good politicians, like good people in Big Boss's house, are extremely rare. Many a times we cannot vote because there are no good candidates contesting the election.

The solution lies in making politics a lucrative carrier option so that honest and talented people join politics. The carrier of politicians may be drafted on the similar lines like that of the carrier of, say, an IAS Officer. The basic qualifications can be earmarked, for example, matriculation for contesting elections of a panchyat, higher secondary for State Assemblies and say graduation for any election. Election should serve as an entrance exam, anybody who tops the exam, i.e. who wins the elections gets the job. Those who serve a political office for a total period of 20 years, in breaks or in continuation, may be made eligible for pension. Similarly other features can be added to the political carrier so that students have a choice of taking politics as a carrier, which is equally good like other carrier options i.e. engineering, medical, Administrative services, management etc. In fact the political carrier should be more lucrative than the other options. After all it is politicians who shape the future of a country.