Thursday, October 30, 2008

बातों बातों मैं- A crying need of todays India

Education system is the backbone of any society. It is in fact the foundation.The foundation that helps in breeding a good political, administrative and social system.It helps in producing a good set of informed and educated citizens (the best wealth of any nation). It has a cure for almost every problem like poverty, corruption, unemployment etc. Its impact is strategic and has a multiplying effect. To a country like India, where the habitats are culturally,religiously and linguistically different, it becomes a challenge to maintain peace and harmony in the country. The regional clashes for their respective vested interests are not new to this country, but sadly no strategic steps have been taken to address this problem.
Reforming the education system is one such step that should have been taken a long back. None the less, its still not late, but any further delay can put the country at the risk of division. Education system has two primary responsibilities, one is to impart knowledge and the other is to impart values. Our system lacks in imparting values. For example, accepting a substandard service may be a part of life for a citizen who got his education from a village primary school and the same may be just unacceptable for a student of a military school. Therefore, the most effective step would be to bring in uniformity in the reading content. The syllabus, the text books, the mode of conduct of examinations, the method of awarding the grades and the medium of instructions, should be same all over the country.The syllabus should aim at imparting knowledge and values which are the requirement of modern India. This will ensure that Mr. A from one region will have the same values and knowledge as Mr. B from another region. This set of common values can serve as a great adhesive to bind the whole nation together.

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