Wednesday, October 22, 2008

बातों बातों मैं-One interest is bigger than all

Vedas say that the interest of a family is bigger than the interest of an individual, the interest of a village is bigger than the interest of a family, the interest of a state is bigger than the interest of a village and the interest of a country is bigger than the interest of a state. Our political leaders seem of be forgetting this important lesson. Very often they can be seen keeping the local interests (the interest of a particular areas) before the National interest. We should not forget that before Britishers, India was divided into more than 300 states. That was a weak India, which helped Britishers establish their rule easily. The strength is in remaining integrated.
India is already battling with a large number of problems like terrorism, population explosion, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, poverty etc. Our political leaders who are supposed to manage these problems are busy managing their vote banks. The country is being divided on the biases of caste, religion, language etc for creating vote banks. Selling violence for votes has become new trend. It is high time for the educated middle class of the country to stand up and head the country for a brighter future. Only this social class has the potential to revive the country by joining politics.

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