Tuesday, October 7, 2008

बातों बातों में-One thing that can make a difference to India

In my debut post, I wish to bring and analyze the main root of various problems India is facing and if possible offer a solution to these problems.

It is a well established fact that more than 90% of the state of affairs of a particular setup (let it be a country, a state, a factory, an establishment or even a family) depends upon its head. If the head of a family is good the family prospers. The most effective way of reviving an ailing company is to change its head. I think the one who sits on the top, matters. In India, somehow, we have been ignoring this basic fact and that is the root of all the problems this nation is facing today.

Let us take an example of terrorism. It is one of the big problems India is facing today. Not going into the details of why there is terrorism in India (which is of course the result of a series of political mistakes our leaders have committed), the fact remains that the political will to fight the terrorism has been missing. As it has come out in various media reports that it was the political will that made the difference and the investigations of Ahmedabad blasts could make a headway. It is because of the political will that a few of the terrorists have been caught in the last few days. Still there are incidences ofpoliticians trying to play the dirty politics in the famous Delhi encounter.

So, almost everybody will agree to the fact that it is because of the lack of political will that we have not dealt with the various problems in a befitting manner. Every problem will have its roots in either the bad politics or the lack of a strong political will. It is politicians who head India and more than 90% of things depend upon them. Since we have elected inefficient and immoral politicians and given them power, they have let the problems grow and made their own lives comfortable, bothering least about the nation.

I think we must replace bad politicians with good politicians. But, where are the good politicians. Good politicians, like good people in Big Boss's house, are extremely rare. Many a times we cannot vote because there are no good candidates contesting the election.

The solution lies in making politics a lucrative carrier option so that honest and talented people join politics. The carrier of politicians may be drafted on the similar lines like that of the carrier of, say, an IAS Officer. The basic qualifications can be earmarked, for example, matriculation for contesting elections of a panchyat, higher secondary for State Assemblies and say graduation for any election. Election should serve as an entrance exam, anybody who tops the exam, i.e. who wins the elections gets the job. Those who serve a political office for a total period of 20 years, in breaks or in continuation, may be made eligible for pension. Similarly other features can be added to the political carrier so that students have a choice of taking politics as a carrier, which is equally good like other carrier options i.e. engineering, medical, Administrative services, management etc. In fact the political carrier should be more lucrative than the other options. After all it is politicians who shape the future of a country.

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