Monday, January 19, 2009

Watching Slumdog

India is a multifacet society. Here we have Hindus, Musilims, Christians, Buddist etc. etc. We have whites, Browns, wheatish, blacks, yellow and all other colours of the skin. We have Himalays, Thar, Ganges, Oceans, and Great plains. And last but not the least we have Ambanis, Tatas, Birlas, brainy middle class and the slum dogs too. But unfortunately the West wants to project India as a state of slum dogs only. That is why films like Slumdog millionaire and books like The white tiger get so much of fame from the West. The same kind of undebelly exists in the west too. For example the the kind of looting and killing that takes place on the streets of The New York every night is no secret. But this never receives any media attention. Here, I, should not be misunderstood as the one trying to coverup for the ugly side of the Indian society. The point I am trying to make here is that all the aspects of the Indian society should be recogonised equally. The slumdog Millionaire and The White Tiger are the excellant creations. My special congratulations to their creators. But at the same time Business Maharajas of India, Taare Zameen par, Swades etc. are also equally good creations. Let us not let the west paint a wrong picture of India before the world.

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rp.sahana said...

Good..U ve expressed Facts!! Keep Writing:)